Dear Covenant Partners, Elamites and Friends of Elam,

This is Bishop, Dr. Gary M. George of Jesus Elam International based in the beautiful twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. My wife, Pastor Agnes C. George and I are pleased to inform you of a wonderful educational, spiritually uplifting and transformational opportunity. After two amazing tours with Heritage Study Programs, we are returning to the Holy Land.

This tour is being made available to our church family, covenant partners and friends.
This is a unique study tour—not just a casual trip! We will be learning the biblical history concerning each site in Jerusalem that we visit as we receive a historical summary at each site. Imagine the level of connectivity as you absorb historical and spiritual data whilst being physically present; what a moment it shall be.. This will allow us to get an up close and personal perspective as it relates to the said Holy Land that we have read about, dreamt about and prayed to visit.

I believe this kind of tour will enhance our walk with Jesus the Christ; Allow us to see the scriptures come to life and propel us into another dimension as we share the word with present and future souls in the body of Christ.

I, myself have been on this trip before and it is the sincere desire of our hearts that you have an opportunity to witness what we have seen; hear directly what we have heard and receive a spiritually and transformative experience such as ours.

Thanking you in advance for joining us!
Blessings to you all.
Bishop Gary George & Pastor Agnes C. George